Advice Column: Shrek Lives Here?!

Khalil Sistrat, Author/Contributor

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“The bathrooms are really dirty. They stink if as Shrek lived there.” This is what a student said about the bathrooms. I’m pretty sure that Shrek even wouldn’t live there! We need to take some time to clean the bathroom in the middle of the day. People SHOULD’NT bring food into the bathroom. They put the full breakfast in the toilets/urinals. That’s wasting food. If you don’t want it, then don’t get it. Teachers should check the bathrooms before they go in. If the bathroom is nasty, they probably shouldn’t use the bathroom. The boys get more than 1-2 squirts of soap. This causes us to go without soap. I think the longest period of time in a row was almost 1-2 weeks without soap. I don’t let anybody give me a hug unless I washed my hands. When they go to the bathroom, there should always be a teacher watching them because multiple people go in there when there is not a lot of stalls. People need to watch what they step on. Sometimes in the boys’ bathroom, there is black gunk on the floor. Also, the boys need to stop playing around. No one wants to go to an unclean bathroom.  Do we really keep our bathrooms like this? Let’s keep our Patriot  Pride strong and respect our bathrooms.

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Advice Column: Shrek Lives Here?!