Showcasing Students Talent

Samiah Sanders

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Many students in EMS have talents. A talent is a natural aptitude or skill. Most talents you might have are hard for many others. I wanna showcase students which have special talents.

Lets start with dancers. Dancing is a form of art. There are different types of dancing, ballet, tap, and many more. Shalae Williams is a seventh grader who dances. She looks up to her mother for her confidence. Shelae embrace’s her talent and rewarding her talent, by sticking to it.

Another important talent I wanna showcase is singing. Aniyah Ross was blessed with a wonderful voice. As a  seventh grader Aniyah has a very big voice. In Aniyah’s future I can see her impowering others to use their voice. Aniyah sings with her voice, but mostly her heart. Others including EMS students, family, and friends believe that Aniyah will make it big in life.

Lets paint the picture of art. James Nusser is an artist. He draws on his free time. He is also an seventh grader. When James draws he draws his feelings. James listens to his heart, gets a pencil, and starts making magic.

Lets give it a round of applause for EMS student talents. All of are students in this school have special fascinating talents that should be shared.  Oh, you have a talent. Lets wait till the next one.

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Showcasing Students Talent