Hispanic Heritage Month

Angelica Ventura

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Hispanic Heritage month begins on September 15 and ends on October 15. This special month begins a day before Mexico celebrates its independence. Many countries celebrate Hispanic Heritage Month by embracing and exploring their culture, food, clothes, etc.


FOOD: Taco’s of course are eaten during Hispanic Heritage Month because they are a classic. Another food eaten during Hispanic Heritage Month is Chiles Rellenos also known as stuffed peppers. Mole, Pozole, and Tamales have to be one of the most popular foods eaten during Hispanic Heritage Month. Mole is used with a mole sauce that is most likely always poured on chicken and sometimes rice. Pozole is a traditional soup/stew made with maize which is corn. Tamales are made with masa or dough which is then put on a banana leaf. The wrapping is discarded when eaten.

CULTURE: Many cities celebrate this month and it’s culture in many different ways. Many festivals and parades are made and include the foods mentioned above.

CLOTHES: Clothes can vary for all the different countries just like culture. For Argentina the guacho is something commonly used to celebrate this month. A bata cubana is also a very commonly used because it is a mixture of African, Spanish, and Taino culture.

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Hispanic Heritage Month