Meeting Cheyanne, EMS’s Female Football Player

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Meeting Cheyanne, EMS’s Female Football Player

Legend Williams, Aleah Adams, Justin Carswell, and Isaiah Jordan

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For the first question we asked how does it feel being the only girl on the team?

She responds with, “It feels awesome.”

Another one of our questions was what is your position on the team?

She answers with,”Defensive and Offensive line.”

Our third question was if you weren’t playing football what sport would you play?

For her answer she says, “Basketball.”

The fourth question we asked what career would you want to have when you’re grown?

She responds with determination, ” The first woman in the NFL.”

The next question we asked was what is your relationship with your teammates?

She happily answers with, “We are like family.”

We then asked her what is your goal in football?

She declared, “To get better at it.” was her goal.

After this we asked her who inspired you to play football?

She answers with a sigh, “My dad but he can not play anymore because he hurt his knee.”

More than halfway through we asked her do you feel as if you are inspiring girls?

She laughs and answers with, “I hope so and would like to think I am.”

Further in the interview we asked her if how would you rate yourself on the field?

She hesitated but answered,”To be honest a 7 or 8.”

The tenth question we asked her is do you think you’ll play football when you’re in high school?

She responds with, “Yeah.”

Next we asked her who’s your favorite NFL player?

She says, “Mat Ryan.”

For our closing question we asked her does your team get along?

For the closing question she responds with,”Of course!”


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Meeting Cheyanne, EMS’s Female Football Player